Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. Body panels, paint and interior trim.
  2. Doors lock and boot lock.
  3. Keys, remotes, keyless device and security system.
  4. Seat belts and airbags system.
  5. Tyres and rim.
  6. Glass of any description.
  7. Batteries and wiring / cables.
  8. Hoses of any description.
  9. Radiator and condenser.
  10. Exhaust System and petrol tanks.
  11. Bearing of any description i.e. wheel bearing, coupling and ball joints.
  12. CV Joints and long shaft / propeller shafts.
  13. Casings and minor oil leaks.
  14. Worn or deteriorated seal.
  15. Entertainment system and navigation system.
  16. Experimental equipment.
  17. NGV Conversions and hybrid system.
  18. Suspension system.
  19. Rubber mountings and bushings.
  20. Clutch System.
  21. Brake facings.
  22. Vehicles used for hire and reward.
  23. Wear and tear in accordance with the vehicle’s age and mileage.
  24. Piston rings, valve seals and gaskets.
  25. Service item and adjustments such as cooling and fuel system cleaning, carbon and sludge removal, brake and clutch adjustment and drive belt adjustment, software programming update.
  26. Engine tuning, ECU remapping or any performance modification beyond manufacturer's specifications.
  27. The replacement of normal service and maintenance items such as lubricants & fluids, filters, sparx plugs, drive belts, brake pads & shoes, lamp bulbs, fuses & relays, drier & valves, wiper blades, timing mechanisms, timing belts & chains and thermostats.
  28. Defect or damage in existence prior to the commencement of the warranty.
  29. Damage caused by the failure of any item not covered by this warranty.
  30. Noise or vibration that does not affect the vehicle’s drivability.
  31. Oil seepage or water entry.
  32. Failure of a vehicle on which the odometer has been altered so that actual vehicle mileage cannot be readily determined.
  33. Any incidental and consequential damage such as telephone calls, towing charges, car rental charges, hotel charges, loss of time, commercial loss.
  34. Damage caused by misuse of the vehicle such as overloading and racing.
  35. Damage caused by alteration or modification of the vehicle.
  36. Excessive / high engine oil consumption due to the condition of piston rings are worn out or the valve seal is broken.