Japanese Basic Plan

Japanese Basic Plan Pro-warranty Mechanical Warranty


All vehicles below 7 years old with less than 150,000kms recorded at the time of purchase of this warranty product.

2Validity Period

The warranty is valid for five (5) years with unlimited mileage. The warranty period of your vehicle is stated on the registration form attached to this booklet.

3Claims Limit

Up to RM5,000 per claim and RM30,000 in aggregate.

4Cooling-off Period

No claims will be accepted within 14 days cooling-off period, from the date of inception of the warranty.

• Cylinder Head
• Engine Block
• Intake & Outlet Valve
• Valvetronic Motor
• Camshaft
• Crankshaft
• Piston
• Knock Sensor
• Engine ECU
• Engine Oil Level Sensor
• Oil Pump
• Valve Lifter
• Timing Solenoid Valve
• Rocker Arm
• Connecting Rod
• Flywheel
• Oil Pump Solenoid Valve
• Oil Pressure Sensor
• Eccentric Shaft
• Eccentric Shaft Sensor
• Engine Vacuum Pump
• Emission Control Air Pump
• Engine Variable Solenoid Valve

• Valve Body
• Gearbox Control Module
• Mechatronic Unit
• All Types of Solenoid Valve
• Transfer Case (4WD)
• Gear Oil Pump
• Torque Converter
• Differential / LSD
• Front & Rear Axle
• Gear Speed Sensor
• CVT Chain

• Brake Master Pump
• Wheel Speed Sensor
• Brake Switch
• Parking Brake Motor
• ABS Pump
• Brake Servo Pump

• Steering Angle Sensor
• Steering Column Motor
• Steering Module
• Steering Rack
• Control Unit

*** All claims are subject for approval, based on the failure or damage caused to covered parts.
*** The warranty coverage is subject to compliance with the service and maintenance requirements.